cut yourself some slack.

Do you get frustrated with yourself for not doing simple things? I used to be so hard on myself for it. On days where I wasn’t feeling my best or doing my best, I would get so upset. WHY don’t I want to get out of bed? WHY can’t I stop ruminating over this one thing? WHY can’t I keep up?

I literally thought that I couldn’t keep up with the rest of the world. Like everyone was moving and I just…wasn’t. It might seem like everyone keeps going because when things are happening for you, you tend not to focus on everyone else anymore. You feel GOOD because you’re focused on YOU. When you feel bad, you compare.

Every time I start to settle into a routine or my life slows down a bit I go into panic mode. Like what do I need to be doing right now why is life so calm why is nothing HAPPENING?

Recognize that ‘living your best life’ doesn’t mean everyday needs to be better than yesterday. It just needs to be good enough for where you are THAT DAY. Be present with where you are. Be honest with yourself.

When I struggled with depression in the past, I slept a lot and did very little with my days. So some days when I wake up and don’t feel like getting up, it’s almost like a trigger: am I getting depressed? Am I okay? I can’t lay in bed today can I? I have to do something to prove that I’m okay.

No you don’t. This goes hand in hand with listening to yourself and what you need. Some days I just want to take a two hour bath and read. There’s nothing wrong with that. Be okay with that.

Cut yourself some slack. Realize that this is your body asking for something it is not receving. Maybe you have been running around like crazy and it’s just time to relax. Maybe you need some well-deserved “me time”. Maybe you need to stay in and watch Netflix.

If you agree with me, comment below some tips that help you through these tough times. How do you cut yourself some slack?

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