New Moon Ritual & Taurus Season

Happy Taurus season everybody! While Sunday marks the day of a new astrological season, I wanted to focus this post on the upcoming new moon on April 22nd. The new moon is always in the sign of the new season. Respectively, this new moon is in the sign of Taurus.

So what the hell does that mean? Taurus is the sign of dependability, nurture, and home. It’s about comfort and taking care of what is important when it comes to living a rich life (material and/or non-material). Taurus is solid, steady and grounded. A very practical sign when it comes to doing what needs to be done. Taurus knows how to build methodically.

Taurus season is a great time for deepening your work on an ongoing project. Think long-term commitment and really going the distance. You are able resist what is wrong for you and accept what is right easily. So define where you see yourself this time next year.

This new moon, we’re focusing on creating space and setting intentions for what really matters to us. Where do you see yourself in 3 months, 6 months, one year? What do you need to work on to get there? The energy of Taurus is strongest during the new moon and is the best time to set the foundation.

The Ritual

Environment is key. Before you begin, clear your space and de-clutter. When performing a new moon ritual, you want to feel at peace and eliminate distractions.

Next, set the mood. How can you bring all your senses into this experience? Light a candle, play some calming music, burn incense, dim the lights, open the window and feel fresh air.

When you are ready, write down your intentions for this Taurus season. I recommend having a separate notebook for setting all your intentions. I have a little white notebook from Amazon that I write in during the new moon only. See above for the types of intentions that are best to set with the new moon energy.

The last step of the ritual is to meditate on all that you’ve written down. Close your eyes and envision your life this time next year. What are you doing? Where are you? Who are you with? How are you feeling? Make it so clear in your mind that you recognize it as real. Sit in this reality for as long as you feel necessary. When you are ready, close your notebook and open your eyes.

I hope you enjoyed this article on the new moon. I always feel amazing after doing an exercise like this, like I’m ready to take on the world. Let me know if you do any monthly rituals-related or not related to the moon. I’d love to hear!

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