What I’ve Been doing During Quarantine

Hi everyone! I thought for this post, I would take you through what I’ve been up to during this quarantine. I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get a little worn down by the current situation. I’m finding myself becoming super antsy to get up and get going again. Like seriously, when can I book a flight? So I thought to put things into perspective, I’d reflect a bit and share with you what I’ve been doing and focusing on for the past month. Enjoy!

Realizing I’m Prioritizing the Wrong Things

I used to think that if I was getting a lot done during the day I was being productive. FALSE. Before quarantine, I was working like a dog but never feeling completely fulfilled in what I was doing. Now, I’ve been forced to slow down and ask myself “what do I really want?”
I’m grateful enough to still be working full time, but the projects I have and am accomplishing now feel more meaningful. Why? Because my priorities have shifted to where they need to be. I’m getting the RIGHT things done, even if it feels like less.

Signing up for HelloFresh

Anyone else bored out of their mind with what they’re eating? I’ve been eating junk, I’ve been eating healthy, I tried to count macros to control it-update: it didn’t work. We’re in such a vulnerable time and it’s hard to pretend like everything is normal. It’s not. I’ve struggled with emotional eating in the past and I’m definitely struggling now. My solution? HelloFresh. My membership doesn’t start until the end of this week but I am super excited to make delicious meals at home without having to go through the extra effort of finding a recipe and shopping for the groceries.

Falling Out of My Workout Routine

One thing I was super motivated about in the beginning of this quarantine was getting myself set up with a great at-home workout schedule. To my surprise, this was also a fail. I was thinking I would have so much flexibility in my schedule and just hit the ground running. Turns out actually designating a space in my home to work out was really hard. I live in a two-bedroom apartment and there isn’t anywhere to go if you want to blast music and get moving without disrupting someone else. We do have a rooftop deck, but the weather has been rainy and cold so it’s been hard to get out there consistently too. My plan moving forward: I rearranged my room so I can do workouts there, and I have the Peloton app on my phone with TONS of classes.

Binging Supernatural

When we ran out of shows to watch, my roommate was told by a friend to start Supernatural. Dean and Sam are totally babes so basically I’m hooked. My roommate and two of our friends watch every night via Zoom. It’s been really nice coming home at the end of the day and enjoying something so simple. I used to be so anti-netflix, I felt like I was wasting my time not doing something productive. A major theme for me during this quarantine is letting go and not being so hard on myself for relaxing.

Reading for Pleasure

I love learning and growing. Most of the books I read are self-help. A few weeks back I was in a reading rut, I decided to grab an old favorite, Looking for Alaska by John Green. Would you believe I finished that book in a week and a half (it usually takes me a month or so to get through a book). I loved it so much I grabbed another Old favorite, Straight Talking by Jane Green. I’m loving reading books for the sole purpose of entertainment.

There you have it! That’s pretty much been my quarantine. I know this time has been hard on a lot of people, and I’m not alone in feeling like I’m ready to get things moving again. BUT there has been some good that’s come out of this and it’s all about perspective.

Let me know What you’ve been doing or are learning during your quarantine. 🖤

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