5 (Super Random) Facts About Me


1. I’m that stereotypical Maryland girl who is obsessed with the state of Maryland.

Guilty as charged! I don’t think I’m too obnoxious about it…just don’t dis my state you know? But honestly, what can you hate about the state of Maryland? We got the sunshine, the snow, the forest, the farmlands, the bay, the ocean, the mountains…and have you seen our new drivers’ licenses!? #imobsessed #lowkeycryingaboutmovingtoVAsoon

2. I’m a stress eater and a stress shopper FOR SURE.

Bad day at the office: you’ll find me at Chipotle or the mall.. My shopping weakness is SHOES!! I have way too many pairs I need to stop…but I cant.. I even have shoes that I have never worn. I admit, it’s a problem. But I’m working on it (2 months strong)..

3. Friends and Family are EVERYTHING.

I’m that awkward emotional girl at Thanksgiving dinner who CAN’T HANDLE HERSELF. I’m already emotional and sensitive as is so when you combine that with the love I have for my crew..I can’t. But seriously, I’ll do anything to help them out and I know they would do the same for me and I need to stop typing before I start crying again..

4. I love the gym…but also love my bed

I love fitness and working out, but I also love my bed. As you can imagine, this is a pretty tough dilemma..I love kickboxing, yoga, and weightlifting. And also sleep…I have to push myself extra to go to the gym but when I do..I get the gainsssss! Pro tip: tell someone to meet you there, then you HAVE to go. If I’m not at the gym I’m in my bed.

5. I have a tabby cat named Laila

She’s the perfect combination of sassy and sweet. Everyone says shes a princess and it’s very much true. She doesn’t like to be pet on your time, and she loves sitting on the laptop keyboard when you have an essay due at 8am…but I love herrrrr! She’s very tiny so she’s forever a kitten and loves to snuggle in the AM.

There you have it! Give me 5 fact about you in the comments!!

xo, S

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