Benefit Brow Bar Review


(Benefit Brow Bar)

I don’t know about you, but my brows are MY CHILDREN. I’m always very nervous to get my brows done by just anyone. One month ago, I made this mistake..I needed a last minute wax and stopped at a small nail salon I hadn’t gone to. BIG MISTAKE. I hated how my brows turned out so much that I decided to grow them out and start from scratch.

I started looking into salons┬áthat specialized in brows, to ensure I would get exactly what I’m looking for. My girlfriend had mentioned Benefit’s Brow Bar, so I looked into it. I already love Benefit’s brow products, so the thought of having them reshape my eyebrows was brilliant!

Well last night was my appointment and let me tell you, they DID NOT disappoint. First of all, the woman who did my brows was so nice, she took the time to ask me what kind of brows I was going for, then she proceeded to ‘map’ out my brows. Before she waxed or tweezed, she showed me the shape she was going to achieve and explained exactly what she was going to do. She waxed, tweezed, put aloe on my brows, cleaned them up, and applied concealer over my redness.

I wish I had before pictures to show you, I have never been so satisfied by a waxing before. I will DEFINITELY be going back for my brows. If you have a Brow Bar near you and haven’t tried it out, I HIGHLY recommend.

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