Car Tips

To be honest, I’m not too excited about writing this post. THAT is how much I hate cars. But I feel this obligation to help out my fellow young car-buyers who have absolutely no clue when it comes to cars.

Cars are stressful. They’re expensive to buy, they’re expensive when they break down, the only time they aren’t expensive is when you’re reselling them….ugh I swear. What a pain. My car is truly a necessary evil in my life. But to make the experience a little easier, here are some tips for smooth sailing (in my opinion) with your new car.

Consider Gas Mileage

I current’y drive 100 miles per day between work and home, so my priority for a car was fairly good gas mileage. That Jeep may look awesome now, but filling your tank could be a bitch later. Speaking of gas tanks, the one thing I didn’t consider when looking for a car was the size of my tank. My current tank is actually smaller than my last car, and I’m finding myself filling up a lot more often. If you travel a lot for work or just in general, this may be something to keep in mind.

Buy New or CPO

The reason why I say this, is because when you buy a car used, you really have no way of knowing how the previous owner cared for the car. You have no idea why they are selling it, or if there is an issue that they aren’t disclosing. While I did not buy my car new, I bought it Certified Pre-Owned (CPO). This means that the car was taken in for maintenance and oil changes in the alotted time frame it needed to be. How do I know this? Because the owner brought the car to the dealership for maintenance and the dealership had the car history. Speaking of CPO, try finding a car that is less than 50,000 miles. This will give you a little time before you need to do some more pricey maintenacne on the car.

Pay Attention to the Warranty

This is more for if you are buying a used car. my warranty only lasted for 6,500 miles so I had to really pay attention during that time period to make sure nothing serious was wrong with the car. I regret not taking advantage because I ended up having to purchase a software update when I was 200 miles past the warranty. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but it could’ve been free if I really paid attention.

Buy A Car that You Like

Some people settle because they feel like they have to. You don’t. I get a lot of shit for driving a BMW but what people don’t know is how good of a deal I got on the car. It’s all about preference when it comes down to it. I trust the BMW brand, I love the look of their cars, and I can afford to drive it. don’t be afraid to explore you’re options. I honesly didn’t think I could afford a BMW until my car magically fell into my lap one night (aka my mom is a baller and sent me the link the night before I bought it). But seriously, if you’re going to invest money into a car, you might as well enjoy the car you’re driving.

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