A Different Way of Looking at your 2019 Resolutions

Is it just me, or does today feel like the first day of the new year? Not sure if it’s because it’s the first Monday of 2019, or Saturday’s new moon, but I was super motivated over the weekend to plan out my resolutions for this year. A lot of people have this weird thing about New Years and goals. Some view it as just the time of year where everyone says they will change, try to change, and “fail”. I’m not one of those people. I love the new year because it’s the only time of year that I seriously sit down and reflect on what I have accomplished. Here’s how I reflected on 2018.

Comparing The Way I Feel

When reflecting, I didn’t focus on what my goals were in the beginning of 2018 and what I actually got done. Honestly, I don’t even know what my goals were. Instead, I focused on how I felt in the beginning of the year, how I feel now, and what I want to focus on to feel even better this coming year. I’m a Pisces so you know, we’re all about the feelings over here. This may seem like a different way to approach the new year, but hear me out, because how you feel affects your whole life. Your relationships, your career, your energy, your health, everything revolves around how your mind and body feel on a daily basis.

Taking Note on ‘How’

I got this idea from Brittany Vasseur in one of her recent YouTube videos. Her advice is to look back on your accomplishments from 2018 and figure out why you were able to succeed. Then, implement that practice in your current goals. I love this tip for two reasons: it encourages you to focus on your accomplishments while also getting to know yourself and your motivators.

For the past year I’ve been trying to stick to a fitness routine and I’ve been unsuccessful. Taking Brittany’s advice, I know that in the past going to classes at my local gym kept me on track. Going into 2019, instead of trying to force myself to get to the gym on my own, I’ve booked classes and added them to my calendar so I have no choice but to go.

Reflecting on What Makes Me Happy

Pay attention to the things you enjoy. I truly believe that your purpose in life is to do whatever makes you feel happy. So I try to pinpoint when I feel good, why I feel good, and I’ve made it a goal to do more of those things. As I was flying home from Montreal reading a book on vulnerability, I felt this surge of energy because of everything I was learning. I added to my list of resolutions for 2019 to learn more. I don’t want to learn anything specifically I just want to keep learning every day.

What Can I Do Just to Do it?

Sometimes we find ourselves enjoying things that we’ve never fully considered doing. I’m making it a priority this year to do things purely because I want to. I’ve always wanted to learn yoga, but never took the idea seriously. Maybe because there are yoga classes available galore, or I see the Instagram yogis and immediately think ‘nope. can’t do that.’But I’ve been following Jessica Olie for awhile and finally decided to purchase her ‘#letsstartyoga’ eBook. My first reaction while looking through her ebook: I don’t know ANYTHING about yoga. But I went home and completed my first session..which was hard omg. BUT, I am excited to try something new in the comfort of my own home.

My point with all this is, and it’s probably my overall goal for 2019, listen to yourself more. Follow your gut. Dive into your intuition and do what you truly want to do.

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