Benefit Brow Bar Review


(Benefit Brow Bar)

I don’t know about you, but my brows are MY CHILDREN. I’m always very nervous to get my brows done by just anyone. One month ago, I made this mistake..I needed a last minute wax and stopped at a small nail salon I hadn’t gone to. BIG MISTAKE. I hated how my brows turned out so much that I decided to grow them out and start from scratch.

I started looking into salons that specialized in brows, to ensure I would get exactly what I’m looking for. My girlfriend had mentioned Benefit’s Brow Bar, so I looked into it. I already love Benefit’s brow products, so the thought of having them reshape my eyebrows was brilliant!

Well last night was my appointment and let me tell you, they DID NOT disappoint. First of all, the woman who did my brows was so nice, she took the time to ask me what kind of brows I was going for, then she proceeded to ‘map’ out my brows. Before she waxed or tweezed, she showed me the shape she was going to achieve and explained exactly what she was going to do. She waxed, tweezed, put aloe on my brows, cleaned them up, and applied concealer over my redness.

I wish I had before pictures to show you, I have never been so satisfied by a waxing before. I will DEFINITELY be going back for my brows. If you have a Brow Bar near you and haven’t tried it out, I HIGHLY recommend.

What’s In My December Ipsy Glam Bag

My favorite day of the month is here! My Ipsy Glam Bag just arrived, and I want to show you what I got!

Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription. For $10 per month you’ll receive 5 (sometimes 6) beauty product samples. Not only do you get a bag each month, but there are opportunities to buy beauty products at a discounted price all month long. With their point system, you can end up getting products for free! In my opinion, Ipsy is a great way to save money on beauty products while also experimenting with different brands. If you do like a brand, there is always a discount on Ipsy’s site for you to purchase the product. I’ve gotten brushes, face masks, mascara, eyeliner, brow liner, primers, and the list goes on. Each month, you can update your preferences to match what you’re most interested in. If you want to join Ipsy, click here! Below is what I got in my bag this month, let me know if you sign up in the comments!


NYX: Professional Makeup Prismatic Shadow

This color is such a great staple for your collection. Super pigmented, easy to blend and build on, and super soft on your skin. I love that it’s both a metallic and neutral color. This is something I plan to use for work and play!


Royal & Langnickel: MODA Angle Shader Brush

When I tried this brush out, it did a great job of blending. However, working with the angled brush is a little awkward in my opinion. Maybe it is just me and I’m used to my fluffy blending brushes, but I will most likely use this brush more for pushing product into the outer corners of my eyes.


Aurora: Intensively Precise Eyeliner in Blackberry

This eyeliner looked very promising from the arm swatch, but once I started to draw my wing after applying shadow, I was unsuccessful. This product is great if you were planning to apply little to no shadow. If you want a smoky look with a precise wing, you’re going to want to chose another liner. No go for Sioban.


Tarte Cosmetics: Tartiest Glossy Lip in WCW

I was pleasantly surprised when I applied this gloss. A little goes a long way and I didn’t feel the need to outline my lips. It is easy to build and not as sticky as most lip glosses. I ended up wearing this to dinner last night, and even after eating it wasn’t necessary to apply a second coat, although you could if you wanted.


PIN ROSE: Secret Genius Roller Ball Fragrance

2016 Dec Secret Genius Fragrance.jpg

Ipsy described this fragrance as comparable to a White Russian. Now I love my White Russians, and this fragrance would compliment that drink very well! It’s both musky and sweet, and I’m usually a floral fragrance girl. I will be wearing this scent all winter long, it’s pretty much the perfect holiday fragrance!


The Finished Look:
2016 Dec Ipsy Look.jpg

Build up the shadow, add some gloss
after work and BOOM, you’re ready for drinks! The only product used that was not from the December Glam Bag was my foundation. If you already have an Ipsy subscription, let me know what you got in your bag this month!

If you’re interested in getting a subscription, follow this link: I want Ipsy!