Impatient Girl’s Guide to Owning a Pet

Okay here’s the back story. In college, I helped manage a restaurant. One morning, a cook came up to me and asked if I wanted a kitten that she had found. I obviously said yes. And the next night, I had a kitten.

Fast forward 6 years (aka present day): I decide that I’m ready for another cat. So first things first, sign up for every possible adoption website ever.

MAJOR PROBLEM: uh. I have to fill out paperwork and wait to be approved?? No, no, no. When I want something, I want it. I need it. And I need it yesterday.

The only thing left to do was to call my best friend-who is a complete genius by the way. Her response to my problem: “don’t your parents have a cat?”

Yes, yes they do.

Just to clarify I didn’t up and steal my family’s cat. It turned out to be perfect timing. My brother went off to college (the last of the kids) and the dog wants to eat the cat. So basically I rescued him.

And there you have it. Meet Milo!

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