My Skincare Routine

Ever since high school, I was obsessed with skincare. I had a whole routine going, morning and night. I was into skincare before skincare was even a thing. Clean & Clear was my go-to back in the day, but lately I’ve been dabbling in natural products. Not too much has changed with my skincare process, I still cleanse, tone and moisturize every morning and evening, but the products I use are the complete opposite of what I’m used to from my teen years.

I found Cocokind through Katherine Garbarino (she is a health goddess). I was looking for new skincare products that wouldn’t break the bank. She mentioned this brand and how it’s great for beginners getting into holistic skincare products. Ever since I purchased their skincare trial kit, I’ve fallen in love. I noticed a difference in my skin almost immediately. So after testing quite a few of their products, I’m here to give you the rundown on my favorites:

facial cleansing oil


The first step for any skincare routine is to cleanse. Cleanse cleanse cleanse. You cleanse to get all the gross stuff out of and off your face. This cleanser is nothing like what I’m used. You apply it to dry skin first as an oil, massage, then rinse with warm water and pat dry. No foam or soapy consistency here-though they do have an oil to milk option available. Be prepared to feel a little weird when first applying, you might think it isn’t doing anything. But in my experience, results don’t lie.

rosewater toner


Next step is to tone. Toner is used to balance the ph in your skin. I’ve tried both of Cocokind’s toners but fell in love with this rosewater toner, as it doesn’t burn when you apply it to your skin. It’s very gentle-but they have a more intense option if you’re interested! It did feel weird at first, like I was spraying regular water on my face, but I’ve grown to really love this product and use it throughout the day as a refresher spray. I like the spray bottle rather than using a cotton pad to apply to your face, though you can use both methods.


My personal favorite part. Getting that moisture back into your skin! When I first started using Cocokind’s products, this was the oddest one for me. I’ve always used lotions and never experimented with oils. Well let me tell you I am 100% team oil now. There’s something therapeutic about starting and ending your day by lathering up your face with an oil. Anyways, this watermelon hemp oil is by far my favorite that Cocokind carries (it used to be seasonal but now it’s available all year round). I love the way it smells and feels on my skin.

chlorophyll mask

Face Mask

I usually aim to do a face mask once per week, or if my skin is feeling like it needs a little extra something. These masks come in a powder form and are activated with water. There are a number of different ways to use their masks-another reason I love Cocokind, they are a great educational resource. Lately I’ve been loving this chlorophyll mask, I just feel like it really gets the job done. I always apply face masks with a makeup brush because duh, less mess.

Other Products I’ve Used & Approve

I honestly can’t talk more highly about Cocokind. I love their products and they have added a lot more options that I am eager to try. You can have the simplest routine or the most complicated, there is something for everyone. They also do an amazing job on educating how to use their products and the benefits of each. Did I mention they are available at Target??

I want to hear what products you’re loving. Have you tried any natural products that you’re obsessed with? Send them my way so I can try them!

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