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I originally started this blog because I always had a desire to inspire and help others. The problem was I didn’t really know what I wanted to inspire people to do and I wasn’t passionate about the content I was putting out.

If you read my previous ‘About Me’, you’d know that I struggled a bit with my transition from college to the real world. This included depression, weight gain, and toxic relationships. Fitness really helped me to get out of my rut, which is why my previous posts were geared towards that. But it was too surface level for me and I wanted to go deeper somehow. I decided to take a break from my blog to figure out what I really wanted to put out in the world.

To be honest it’s been there this entire time. I’ve known that I want to create a lifestyle brand since I was younger, but I was letting the fear of failure get in the way of starting. So for my 2018 resolution I am starting. You will be seeing all types of posts but all circulating around my personality and style.

I would love and appreciate any article requests for the future.