November Reflections

November was a month of deep reflection and shifting inward.

It started with me moving 100 miles a minute. For the past few months leading up, I had been enjoying all the efforts put in over the past year, including finding work that brought in stable income but also aligned with my passions.

By mid-month, I was feeling a bit chaotic and drained. I planned to attend Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within (UPW) event in Florida, and this couldn’t have come at a better time. I committed to logging off social media and  fully immersing myself in the experience.

It was exactly what the doctor ordered.

I not only learned how to continually shift my energetic state into one that would propel me forward, but was reminded that I have full control of how my life is lived. Since that event, my mindset has been forward thinking and perseverant. I have prioritized myself and my well-being, which has helped me show up immensely for the people I care about.

So how do we re-connect with ourselves and honor what we truly need? We shift inward. 

This concept can seem scary, most of us are constantly surrounded by other people and might not know what could come up once we’re truly alone. But alone does not mean lonely. And discovering yourself is a freeing process. The last week of the month I spent mostly in solitude. When I have come out of my cave, I prioritize connecting and loving others. I show up fully but not for myself.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own bullshit that we forget everyone else is living a human experience as well. We’re all trying our best, and some people’s good days are other people’s bad days. We cannot judge others for something they’ve never experienced. And we can’t expect perfection from anyone. We’re all constantly learning.

This month I have come to understand the importance of creating space for myself. I’m entering December feeling fully aligned and fulfilled in myself as well as my purpose. I have reconnected with my goals, already creating visions for 2022 and beyond.

Before I close this post out, I want to leave you with some thoughts:

  • Our imperfections are what make us human.
  • That thing you are resisting is exactly the thing you need.
  • Don’t be afraid to dance with your fears.
  • Knowing yourself is liberating, not terrifying.
  • Lead with love, even when it’s hard.
  • If you don’t know what to do, serve others.

I hope this post resonated with you, it’s been a big month for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better energy to be in to close out this year. Thank you for reading.

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