Shout Out to My Ex!

Come on, how can I not write a post on Valentine’s Day?

Is it just me, or do you acquire habits from your exes? There are a few things in my life that I do because the guy I used to date did them. All good things, but I’ve always found it humorous how certain things just stick, ya know? Okay here we go:

Highlighting & Writing in Books

This doesn’t sound weird, but when I first saw one of my boyfriends doing this I thought, “WHY ARE YOU WRITING ALL OVER A BOOK!?”

And then, I thought it was pretty genius. And I can’t. Stop.

Every time I pick up a book now, I make sure to have a pen or highlighter on me. I didn’t realize how many great things I would want to remember, and when you mark up a book, you can easily go back and look at all your favorite parts (I’m not someone to read the same book twice).

My favorite thing to do now is lend books to friends and have them mark up their favorite things as well. It’s a great and unique way to connect with others.

Watching Documentaries

I used to think documentaries were lame. I mean, I never actually watched one except when I was forced to in school so I didn’t really know…but it’s like brussel sprouts. You just assume that you hate them. So once upon a time I dated someone who would watch documentaries for fun…lol k.

Because he was my boyfriend I started watching them with him, because I’m supportive like that (lmao). And man oh man do I love a good documentary. Now when I turn on Netflix, my first go-to category is Documentaries.

Keeping a Clean Car

This is one of the more embarrassingly hilarious stories of my life.

I was living in Baltimore for the summer and driving my parent’s gorgeous BMW (best summer of my life btw). Well I was not the tidiest of people back then so the car had a lot of….stuff in it. One day, I was driving…somewhere? with my summer fling. The minute he got in the car he said, “damn, if I had this car it would be so clean. I would be taking such good care of it.”

Picture this: beautiful man in the passenger seat of my car…me mortified.

I am not being dramatic when I say from that day forward my car has been PRISTINE. Moral of this story: clean your damn car because you never know when you need to give a hottie a ride.

I hope you enjoyed this quick little blog post! Fill me in on what crazy habits your exes rubbed onto you.

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