Storytime: My Flight to Las Vegas

So last week I was in Las Vegas for work. I touched on this a little in my Sunday Recap post, my friends told me this was a blog-worthy story so here we are. Hope you enjoy. It was definitely one of my more interesting flight experiences.

To give you a background, this flight was leaving Baltimore at 7pm and landing in Las Vegas at 2am EST. So no part of me was looking forward to it. On top of that, this flight was delayed. I was planning on just getting on the plane, settling in, maybe watching a movie, and sleeping until I got to my destination. Then I met my plane buddy.

So I get on this flight, grab the first window seat I see, and take out my $15 sandwich I bought at the airport store and start eating. Minding my own business, perfectly happy. A couple minutes later, this man sits down in the aisle seat and says ‘hello’. Apparently people don’t say hello anymore because I thought this was VERY WEIRD. He introduces himself to me, I introduce back and then return to minding my business. A few seconds later, he puts his bag on the seat in between us, pulls out his headphones and says ‘not that I don’t want to talk to you but….’

Honestly, I was ecstatic. He was just one of those guys that you can TELL loves to talk. And let me preface this by saying I have no issues with people who like to talk. I love you guys because it means I can talk less. Lol. But getting on a 5 hour flight at 9pm, I’m a little less than happy to be sharing a row with you. 

I was so excited I wouldn’t have to talk to him this whole flight that I cracked a joke about it. Worst. Idea. Ever. Plane buddy accepts my joke as an invitation, puts his bag back up on the seat in between us and says, “if no one sits between us, I owe you a drink.” Then he-I shit you not-evil laughs. Hahaha like what. I’m done.

I spent the next 10 minutes praying and begging that someone would sit in the seat between us. But of course, there was plenty of room on this flight (#itscoronatime) and there was no need to cram. As the flight attendants are going through all their airplane stuff, plane buddy whips out his phone and shows me a picture of his wife and daughter. Suddenly it all made sense, he’s just extra friendly. He’s not hitting on me or anything. So what do I do? I ease up and give a little more effort to the conversation. After all, he’s just a friendly older man right? WRONG.

Eager to get this flight started, he pushes the little button above his seat and a flight attendant comes over. He orders his drink, then points to me and says ‘and whatever she wants’. The flight attendant had to remind him that we haven’t left yet but cabin service would begin as soon as we were in the air. Lol. Oh plane buddy.

I did warm up to him though, we had really great banter (I’ve been watching Love Island). I know I’ll be ragging on him a lot here but he truly was a good guy. Anyways, three hours and four drinks later, we found ourselves sharing many funny stories and a few heart to hearts (that may or may not have involved him crying).

This is where the story gets interesting.

Okay. Think of all the people you know, picture the person you know that snores the loudest. Now multiply their snoring by three. A man two rows in front of us, is your person times three. Plane buddy looks at me and goes ‘I’m gonna need a smoke if we’re listening to this.’

When I hear this I was BLOWN AWAY. I’m a goody good rule follower. I don’t do things like this. But plane buddy assured me he’s done it before, “besides, it’s only a $250 fine if you get caught.” I was pretty sure the fine was bigger but he’s a grown ass man and what do I know right? I’m sure my reluctance made him feel like more of a badass too, because off he went to the bathroom as I patiently watched and waited. As soon as he returned he WREAKED. 

Fast forward about 20 minutes.

He looks down at his ring and says ‘ugh I overpacked.’ First of all, dick thing to say. Plane buddy, come on. You’re better than this. He went into this whole thing about how he truly loves his wife but they aren’t the same people anymore and he’s miserable but it’s complicated. It kind of broke my heart to hear. So while he’s telling me all this, a woman comes up to our aisle and kind of leans down, as if to pick something up, then walks away. I definitely noticed it, it was weird. But plane buddy was a little too drunk to realize. 

So that woman walks back up to us, looks at him and asks where the cigarette butt is. Here we go.

Plane buddy played it cool at first, but then she said that it’s a fire hazard and very important that he tells her where he put the butt. So he did and there was this HUGE production in the bathroom. Like they have a whole protocol for this kind of thing. Another 20 minutes later, she returns and tells him that if he moves, talks to them or asks for anything, he’s getting arrested when we land. She takes his ID and proceeds to report him. 

That killed our fun.

About ten minutes later, he asks me if he should go say something. Me, actually remembering what they said, told him it was probably best he just stay put. But plane buddy doesn’t like following rules. So he gets up and heads towards the flight attendants. They talk for awhile, then he comes back and says he just apologized to them. They said it was fine but they had to report him and it would be a $2,000-$3,000 fine. He was bummed but also not that stressed about this fine he just accumulated. Which was wild to me like lol can’t relate. I would be in tears.

And that was pretty much the end of the flight for us.

It did work out for me though, because for awhile I was wondering what to do when we landed. I didn’t know how long he would stick around me for or if he would try to split an Uber. I was traveling alone these are the things you need to consider. We landed, and he started to get off the plane with me. But as soon as we got off the flight he got pulled by security. And yea. That’s my flight to Vegas. Crazy right?

Shoutout to plane buddy though, he really did impact my life (read here). Hope he’s doing well and I definitely will not forget that flight to Vegas. If you liked this story, I would love a like or comment! And if you have any crazy plane stories, please share below.

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