Sunday Recap: Giving Yourself Room to Feel

The past few weeks have been more emotional than I have lead myself on to believe. There is a lot inside me that I have pushed down unknowingly. I have been feeling a lot of anger recently. Towards almost everything in my life. What’s frustrating is that I can’t pinpoint the source and I also can’t control it.

I went through my work week in Las Vegas and came home early Friday morning. I was exhausted and adjusting back to east coast time so Friday was a wash. I was beating myself up all day because I wasn’t productive or really doing anything for that matter. Saturday, I woke up and caught up with my roommate. We got on the topic of sitting with your emotions and it just really hit home with me.

I am very hard on myself when I am not doing something. If I need rest, I get upset that I can’t keep going and handle everything that I want to be able to do. If my to-do list is left filled by the end of the day, I consider the day a waste. It can be hard living in a society where everyone is going and you’re supposed to be okay all the time. Like if I’m not on my A-game I’m failing. If I can’t show up for people, I’m failing. If I’m tired, I’m failing.

What’s been spinning around my head is how to feel emotions without getting drowned by them. And what does it truly mean to give your emotions space? At what point is it unhealthy?

Going into this new week, these are all thoughts flowing through my mind. Right now, I’m aware that I’m not giving my emotions any space to be. So I’m going to dive in and explore that a little more, maybe getting to the root of everything else.

I ended up writing a blog post last week titled Sunday Recap. Not really sure where it came from or what brought me to write that post, but it really allowed me to reflect on the previous week in a way that I wasn’t expecting. So I’m going to start doing this regularly. The goal will be to post every Sunday-as it is titled Sunday Recap-with maybe a second more lighthearted post to follow midweek.

I hope you enjoyed this post, how are you with your emotions? Do you give them room to breathe? What are the tactics you use to allow this to happen?

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