Sunday Recap: It Doesn’t Have to Be So Serious

If you’re interested in my current situation: I am at the airport, waiting on my delayed flight to Las Vegas, with 5 broken nails and no outlets in site. If that isn’t a metaphor for the past week, I don’t know what is.

This week was a weird one for me. I wasn’t sleeping well, and by now we should all know that I am not on my A-game when that’s the case. I had just gotten back from a wedding in Houston, I was on such a high from the weekend that coming back to the work week seemed extra daunting. I had also been drinking which usually triggers some anxiety and depressive feelings.

So I started the week off slow but with the intention of keeping my head high and knowing these emotions will pass. After all, it’s because I experienced such a great weekend prior. Thursday and Friday we’re extra tough because I woke up 2 hours earlier than I usually do. Honestly after writing all this i almost feel stupid saying sleep affected me this much. But it did. It just does. That’s me.

So Friday came and I was ready for happy hour. Like. Ready. And I’m never ready for happy hour. I hardly go out drinking anymore but there I was, drinking two weekends in a row. Now don’t get me wrong, I did have a fun night. I just woke up the next day unsettled. The drinking set me back and made me more exhausted than I already was.

Fast forward to today, I needed to wake up early to cram two days worth of critical tasks into one. I got everything done, and I was actually early for my flight, but I was really beating myself up. It didn’t matter what I said or told myself, I hated that I was feeling the way that I was. I felt out of place and unfulfilled.

The above was all written before my flight and I finished up this post after things settled down. Just keep reading.

Then I met my row buddy on the plane. As soon as he sat down next to me, instant conversationalist. I won’t lie I was kind of like ‘damn do I really have to sit with this guy?’ But he turned out to be really cool. We talked for three hours straight. And then…he got fined $2,000 for smoking in the bathroom-we’re both still wondering if he’s going to get arrested when we land. I guess you could say he’s not in a very talkative mood anymore. Lol. It’s not funny…but it kind of is. I’m going to write a separate post on this experience though, ran it by a few of my friends and they said it must go on the blog.

Anyways plane buddy and I were talking, we went into this long thing about how life isn’t as serious as people make it out to be. At the end of the day we are all good people and want the same thing. It’s kind of crazy (you know I love a good coincidence) that this has been my theme this week. I’ve been taking my life very seriously. Too seriously. I genuinely was super bummed out before I got on my flight tonight. I guess you just never know who can up and change your life. Shout out to my row buddy Jonathan! Here’s to hoping you only have to pay that fine buddy.

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